Study Destinations

Why study in germany

Choosing Germany to study further is the first step towards achieving your goal of getting qualified in Germany, and internationally. German Universities offer world class education. They have the best infrastructure, are truly international in terms of facilities such as international level labs and huge referral libraries. Industrial collaborations are well accepted in germany as universities are associated with industries and foreign Universities alike.

Foreign young students are invited from all over the world as Germany’s population is greying fast and need more skilled and educated people to maintain their mass production, huge exports, continues innovation and researches, and the technological and engineering leadership.

German universities are very open and flexible

Student mobility is widely accepted by German Universities. Students can change their course of studies even after completing the first semester. Changing Universities also permitted provided got an unconditional admission from the new University.

Students are allowed to choose electives as per their interest and choice while on a degree programme. Number of electives in a semester or subjects are not fixed, as the core point would be the total credits achieved at the end of the studies for a degree. It’s equally applicable to students in undergraduate as well as graduate studies.

German Universities of Applied Sciences are very popular for providing practice oriented education whereas Technical Universities are highly innovative and research based, offering or preparing students for PhD studies. Both the Universities offer courses in various streams of Engineering, business and management, health sciences and medicine.

German taught programs are highly recommended as “German” is a scientific language. It’s well known that more than 50% of the scientific journals are yet to translate in to English, French or any other foreign languages.

Meduim Of Instruction

Most of the electives in German universities are taught in German and those who study in German or bilingual medium of instruction are highly benefitted. German taught programs naturally demand better proficiency in German and that could be used as a great opportunity to learn German language prior to the commencement of the degree studies. You may start learning in your home country and achieve the maximum level you can, and the rest in Germany. You may also choose to learn the language in Germany, from the basic level to the required level, A1-C1 Level.

Employers give a great level of importance, while hiring an employee, for the German proficiency as their employees might need to deal with many paper-works and situations where better German communications skills are required.